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Bonny Sports has nearly 40 years history of developing composite-material products and built various patents. According to our core competence of sophisticated manufacturing process, outstanding quality control, advanced R&D, and quick response to market. We were OEM and ODM partners of many international brands.

We created lucrative business, actively explored overseas markets, taking Asia, Europe and North America as the target markets, and has established long-term and far-reaching cooperation with distributors in many countries for several years.

We provide the perfect service measures:

   — Have professional business personnels.

   — Send sales representatives to you for delivering the knowledge of all products in order to enhance sales ability of you.

   — Perfect after-sales service policy.

We have excellent products:

   —A number of patented technologies.

   —Complete and strict production process.

We have preeminent reputation:

   —Be awarded multiple awards and honors.

We are waiting for you to become our partners! Join us to enjoy healthy sports life!

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